Friday's Famous Face is an original art project by Ronnie which features famous people or characters and what they might be doing during the covid19 pandemic.
Digital artwork by Ronnie McInnes No.12 - Nicola Sturgeon © 2020
Each artwork has been illustrated digitally by hand on a PC using a graphics tablet. I imagined realistic situations for the people / characters and portrayed them how I think they might have behaved at this time. I sometimes created a parody of existing images to achieve this.

For that week I asked for suggestions of people who were famed for more than one thing. I decided to go with the suggestion of Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Oor wee Nicola is a solicitor and Politician. At one point she worked at the Drumchapel Law Centre. My mum and her side of our family are from that area of Glasgow. So, admittedly, that did help my decision making for that week.

The artwork is full of symbolism, like the book with the Drumchapel Law Centre name on it, the plaque which reads "Stronger leader than Bojo" and the abstract lines above her head that I shaped like an academic square cap.

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