Friday's Famous Face is an original art project by Ronnie which features famous people or characters and what they might be doing during the covid19 pandemic.
Digital artwork by Ronnie McInnes No.13 - Mac © 2020.
Each artwork has been illustrated digitally by hand on a PC using a graphics tablet. I imagined realistic situations for the people / characters and portrayed them how I think they might have behaved at this time. I sometimes created a parody of existing images to achieve this.

Here I present Daniel Kaluuya as one of my favourite characters (Mac from the tv series The Fades) as he does an Ask Mac video. I imagined he's warning people to be wary of causing a second wave of Covid19 and, as a result of a second wave, going back to square one on the toilet roll issue. Hence, the bog roll on his head. I like to think Mac would use his humour like this to make a point.

I added a couple of symbols in the background. One for the star sign Pisces and the other for Aquarius. Kaluuya was born a Pisces, but news reports at the time were suggesting there could be a new star sign. If that were the case, his star sign could become Aquarius (what I was born as - another reason to choose him).

Kaluuya gave a stand out performance among some amazing actors in The Fades but, sadly, there was no season 2. His character Mac had so much depth and humility, plus he was a geek. So I liked him. He was amazing in Black Mirror too. However, it has only been more recently that he started to get the attention that, I think, he rightly deserves for having a true talent for the craft of acting.

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