Acrylic paintings normally take two to three weeks to complete. Digital paintings normally take up to a week (2-3 days to paint and up to four days for me to collect the print from my local printers). Photography projects depend on size, length of shoot and number of photos. A 50% non refundable deposit must be paid before I begin work and I must receive full payment before delivery of the finished artwork, images and / or prints is made (the P&P is included in your price unless stated otherwise).

I often receive photographs by email and send progress shots to customers as I work, however, I can also take photographs if required as a reference. If you send a photograph, work or other intellectual property to me, in doing so you confirm that the copyright of the photograph either belongs to you or you have permission from the true copyright holder to commission art from their photograph, work or intellectual property. As a general rule, I do not paint the logos, trademarks or other intellectual properties unless as a pastiche or parody and it must compliment the artwork or narrative.

This website and all it's content including but not limited to art, images, photographs, articles, blogs, logos, newsletters, tips, opinions, designs, coding and layouts are protected by copyright law. No permission is granted to recreate, sell or redistribute any of it without prior written permission.

I reserve the right to make changes to my terms and conditions, cookie and privacy policies, coding, prices, website, content, layout, design, availability, contact details and any of our services at any time.

If you disagree with our terms and conditions and / or privacy policy please do not use this website or any of our services.
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