On November 20th, West Lothian entered new tier 4 restrictions due to the Covid19 pandemic. Like with Friday's Famous face, Ronnie imagined famous people (but this time with a music link) and what they might be doing during restrictions.
Digital artwork by Ronnie McInnes No.3 - Dave Grohl © 2020.
Each artwork has been illustrated digitally by hand on a PC using a graphics tablet. I imagined realistic situations for each person in the series. The restrictions were announced to last three weeks so there are three portraits in this mini-project. I used a little bit of tasteful humour for each artwork in order to make light of the pandemic and, hopefully, help brighten the day for some folks who are struggling through these times.
I asked my followers on social media to suggest who I should make art about each week. The theme for this week was Rock Stars and my favourite suggestion was of Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters.
The final artwork features the front man and general, all-round legend. If you need proof of his legendary status, you need only look back to 2015 when he broke his leg on stage in Sweden, only to perform the rest of the gig with a medic holding his freshly strapped leg.

Grohl played remaining tour dates from a guitar themed throne. This is my Covid19 themed homage to Dave on a toilet roll throne.
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If you would like to buy, to find out more about this artwork or to have something similar made, please contact me here: arts@ronniemcinnes.co.uk.
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