Women's Wednesdays is an original art project by Ronnie which features internationally capped women's rugby players (chosen from his followers' suggestions each week).
Original mixed media artwork by Ronnie McInnes No.6 - Rachel Malcolm © 2020.
Women's Wednesdays is about doing something in my power to help raise the profile of women in sports, particularly rugby. Partly influenced by Pop Surrealism, I usually tie something into the narrative that has been inspired by video games.

The artwork was made by using a combination of long exposure (light painting) photography and digital art techniques. This is the sixth piece from the project and features Scottish rugby player - Blindside Flanker - Rachel Malcolm.
Rachel used to play hockey, so there is a field-hockey stick tugging on her Jersey. It symbolises the decision she made to switch to rugby. I also snuck a wee version of her dog in there...it's so cute, how could I resist?
Rachel has been very busy indeed (becoming a doctor) so I decided the game would be Dr Kawashima's Brain Training. I essentially added a kind of abstract brain to the artwork, like the brain scoring images from the game. Background colours were inspired by her academic dress.
Each artwork from the series is available to download for free and can be used for personal, non-commercial and educational purposes. For example a device screensaver or poster print (up to A3 size) for your wall.
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