Women's Wednesdays is an original art project by Ronnie which features internationally capped women's rugby players (The artwork was not suggested by Ronnie's followers this time).
Original mixed media artwork by Ronnie McInnes Bonus artwork - Jade Konkel © 2021.
Women's Wednesdays is about doing something in my power to help raise the profile of women in sports, particularly rugby. Partly influenced by Pop Surrealism, I often tied something into the narrative that has been inspired by video games. But not this time.
The artwork was made by using a combination of long exposure (light painting) photography and digital art techniques. This is the sixteenth piece from the project and features Scottish rugby player - no.8 - Jade Konkel.
Jade recently announced that she is stepping back from rugby to train as a firefighter. However, she may return to the sport, fingers crossed. 

Instead of taking inspiration from a video game this time, I made the entire focus about Jade and her contribution, so far, to Scottish rugby and women's rugby. Jade was the first Scottish woman to play rugby professionally, essentially unlocking the door for others to get through. Well that's how I visualise it anyway. I present Jade kitted out in her PPE and handing over the "professional" keys to the viewer. 
The background colours represent those from a fire engine and I took then used photographs of real flames in the foreground. 
Each artwork from the series is available to download for free and can be used for personal, non-commercial and educational purposes. For example a device screensaver or poster print (up to A3 size) for your wall.
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