The Entertainers project is a series of portraits that celebrate entertainment in a variety of forms.
Original acrylic painting by Ronnie McInnes No.6 - The Magician's Apprentice © 2012.
How we are entertained by others or how we keep ourselves entertained are recurring themes in Ronnie's work and women are generally underrepresented in the media. Ronnie intentionally highlights this by making art of women more than he does of men.

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas. Unframed, approx size 19.5 inches x 23.5 x 0.5 inches. Prints are not available for this artwork.

This painting is the sixth piece from my ongoing series The Entertainers. The idea was actually the first one I came up with, but I ended up creating the painting The Magician first to set some context. The Apprentice seems to be able to shape light in order to create her illusions. 
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